Cree Introduces Higher Brightness Color LEDs in XP Footprint

Cree, Inc. of Durham, North Carolina USA, has announced commercial
availability of XLamp® XP-E2 color LEDs. According to Cree, the new XP-E2 color
LEDs deliver up to 88 percent higher maximum light output compared to
alternative high-power color LEDs. Cree says that this higher maximum light
output enables lighting manufacturers to more cost-effectively address a wide
spectrum of applications such as architectural, vehicle and display lighting.
Cree’s new XLamp XP-E2 color LEDs are available in red, red-orange, amber,
green, blue and royal blue.

The new XP-E2 color LEDs are built on Cree’s SC³ Technology™ LED
platform, which uses silicon carbide and combines advances in chip design,
packaging, and phosphors, to provide higher lumens-per-watt and
lumens-per-dollar compared to the original XP-E color LEDs. Cree indicated that
switching to XP-E2 LEDs in existing XP-E LED designs, lowers system costs. The
new XP-E2 color LEDs have the same XP footprint (3.45mm x 3.45mm) and are
optically compatible with the original XP-E LED providing what the company
describes as a drop-in-ready performance enhancement to shorten design cycle
and improve customer time to market.

“We are excited that Cree is offering higher performance color
LEDs in the XP footprint,”
said Greg Campbell, executive vice
president and chief technology officer, Lumenpulse. “The brighter
XP-E2 color LEDs enable Lumenpulse to continue to provide innovative,
high-performance LED lighting systems.”

Luxeon High Power

The XP-E2 color LEDs have a maximum drive current of 1A and a viewing angle
of 110 to 135 degrees. The royal blue version of the XLamp XP-E2 color LEDs at
maximum drive current delivers up to 1409 mW. Also at maximum drive current,
the XLamp XP-E2 color LEDs provide up to 109 lumens for blue, 253 lumens for
green, 203 lumens for amber, 193 lumens for red-orange and 155 lumens for red.
All have the 3.45mm x 3.45mm footprint. Cree says samples are available now and
production quantities are available with standard lead times.