Cree Expands Patent Cross Licensing Agreement with Nichia

Cree reported that has entered into an agreement with Nichia. The agreement expands Cree’s cross license arrangements announced in 2002 and 2005 to include additional patents relating to white LED technology and certain Cree patents relating to nitride lasers. Additionally the agreement resolves infringement claims Nichia previously asserted against LED products sold by Cotco International Limited, a subsidiary of Cotco Luminant Device Limited. Cree acquired Cotco Luminant Device Limited and its subsidiaries in March 2007; at the time Nichia’s infringement claims against Cotco International Ltd were still unresolved.

Cree agreed with Nichia to eliminate any potential impact on customers by resolving any future patent disputes involving products of either company, or affiliates it controls. Cree asserted that in the future, customers may purchase either Nichia or Cree products free of any concern that either company will make a claim of patent infringement against the customer based on the purchased product. Cree News Release

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