Cree Debuts LED-based Replacement for 100-Watt Incandescent Bulbs

Cree of Durham, North Carolina, USA, the maker of popular LED bulbs that are
sold at Home Depot, has introduced an LED-based replacement for a 100-Watt
incandescent bulb. The 1600 lumen device consumes just 18 watts and is
currently priced at just $19.97. Aside from using 82 percent less energy, the
LED bulb operates at about 89 lm/W compared to about 16 lm/W for the
conventional bulb. The LED-based bulb comes with correlated color temperatures
of 2700K (warm white) or 5000K (daylight).

The company previously lowered the price of it LED-based bulbs by as much as
23 percent. Like the other Cree bulbs, the new bulb will be sold at Home Depot
locations and on the Home Depot website, and beginning today Cree LED bulbs
will be available at new lower prices. The company boasts that the new LED bulb
is the first LED replacement to look like a bulb. It is designed to last about
25,000 hours or 25 times longer than the 1000 hour lifetime of conventional

“This time last year, we reshaped a 100-year-old lighting industry
with the introduction of the Cree LED Bulb. The success of this product has
exceeded our expectations, but it is time to push LED lighting to the next
level and give consumers even more reasons to switch to LED,”
Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO. “Today we are also addressing
the last major product gap for LED bulbs–the 100-watt replacement. Our
industry leading innovation has delivered the first true 100-watt LED bulb with
the look and performance of a traditional bulb, but at a fraction of the energy

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Unlike many CFL alternatives, the LED bulb’s A21 bulb shape and size
allows it to fit into most any open lighting fixture in your home including
reading lamps, floor lamps, high ceilings, reading lights, and hallways,
according to Cree. Starting today, consumers can purchase Cree LED Bulbs at new
lower prices in The Home Depot stores and at