Cree Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

Compound semiconductor and LED pioneering company, Cree, announced that it
is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its founding in 1987. The company
grew from six founders in Durham, North Carolina USA, to over 2600 employees
worldwide today. The company continues to innovate with its work in silicon
carbide, gallium nitride, and LED lighting. The company says that opportunities
have never been better, in part due to the drive for a cleaner environment via more
energy efficient products. LEDs are just what the doctor prescribes for a cleaner

“There is an ever-increasing global recognition that LEDs can be used
in many lighting applications in place of today’s common light bulb to help
solve the world’s energy and environmental challenges. Cree is in the unique
position of being one of the few companies that has the technology to lead the
LED lighting revolution, without the baggage of a traditional bulb business
to slow us down,”
commented Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO.

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