Cree and The Noun Project Collaborate to Create Iconic Symbols for LED Lighting

Cree, Inc. and The Noun Project are sponsoring an Iconathon at the Cree campus in Durham on Saturday, Feb. 25. This Iconathon is a half day design workshop to create universally recognizable symbols for LED lighting and other energy-efficient technologies including solar panels, weatherized homes and wind turbines. The event will include presentations from Edward Boatman, co-founder and creative director of The Noun Project, and Paul Pickard, a lighting revolutionary and systems

The final symbols will later be added to the public domain and available for anyone to download for free at The Noun Project is a growing open sourced visual library of the symbols and icons that form the world’s visual language. The Noun Project organizes Iconathons around the country to collaboratively design new sets of civic symbols.

“We’re continuing to raise people’s awareness of the LED lighting revolution, bringing together leading creative minds to help us establish a symbol to represent LED lighting,”
said Ginny Skalski, Social Media Specialist, Cree. “After Saturday, the world will no longer be forced to use the inefficient, old-school incandescent light bulb to represent ‘bright ideas’ or the toxic, mercury-filled CFL to represent ‘efficient lighting.’”

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