Corning and Osram Opto Semiconductors to Market a Laser and Fiber-based Light Source

Corning Inc. and Osram Opto Semiconductors have developed a unique
laser-based light source that employs an innovative glass optical fiber from
Corning that disperses light rather than transferring it. Osram Opto
Semiconductors and Corning Incorporated announced a co-marketing agreement to
promote this light source which will be called the Corning Fibrance
Light-Diffusing Fiber. Fibrance fiber requires the use of a laser light source
such as Osram’s blue and green laser diodes that boast high beam quality
and high efficiency that effectively minimizes temperature increase.

The extremely-thin glass optical Fibrance fiber is optimized for
applications such as automotive interior, consumer electronics, architecture,
and major appliances. The fiber can be curved, contoured, and wrapped around
objects while maintaining bright and uniform light, but corning says it is
nearly invisible when the light source is off. Fibrance fibers can emit clear
colored light up to 50 meters in product length.

“We expect the automotive and consumer markets to be early
adopters of this technology,”
said Osram marketing manager, Sevugan
Nagappan. “While Fibrance fiber is ideal for vehicle interior
applications, the design possibilities and product integration opportunities
are truly endless.”

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Curt Weinstein, vice president and general manager, Advanced Optics, Corning
Specialty Materials said, “Our long-term goal is to get Fibrance
Light-Diffusing Fiber into the hands of designers and let the capabilities of
the product create new lighting possibilities.”

Osram showcased Fibrance at the Electronica International Trade Show and
Conference in Munich, Germany on Nov. 11-14.