Color Kinetics’ LED String Lights Showcased in Movie, Deck the Halls

Many neighbors have friendly competitions to see who can have the best holiday
lighting display. Color Kinetics has helped to set the bar too high for mere
amateur lighting designers and lighting architects. The company’s products
and solutions play a major role in a feature film called “Deck the Halls”.
The Twentieth Century Fox film staring Danny Devito and Mathew Broadrick will
be release nationwide on November 22.

In the film, Devito and Broadrick play dueling neighbors who try to outdo each
other in this year’s home holiday lighting display. “This is
a film that literally hinges on the lighting — where the lights are a central
character. Anything less than spectacular would have failed the story,”

said Jason McKinnon of Electric Aura Lighting Design, who conceptualized the
ground-breaking lighting sequences along with Rob Sondergaard. “Based
on their highly programmable and durable nature, we knew that LEDs were the
only feasible choice to make our concept a reality. Color Kinetics’ technology
exceeded our expectations, allowing us to turn the house into a three-dimensional
video display that is the movie’s climatic centerpiece.”

Color Kinetics iColor Flex SL was utilized to achieve the effect of a totally
programmable string of lights. While it resembles a conventional string of lights,
each node contains a tri-color LED that is capable of additive color mixing
of red, blue, and green light. Each node can act much like a pixel in a video
screen and can therefore display any one of about 24 billion colors. Strands
of iColor Flex SL covered the house that served as the movie’s centerpiece.
The house was essentially wrapped in a digital skin with 14,300 nodes in all.

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