Color Kinetics’ Intelligent LED Fixtures Light Rockefeller Center Interactive Display

Electroland of Los Angeles has created what they call the Target Interactive
Breezeway, atop New York’s Rockefeller Center using Color Kinetics LED-based
fixtures and lighting controls. The breezeway connects the top floor observation
decks. According to the company the intention of the interactive display along
the passage is to trace visitors’ movement with intelligent controlled
light. “Color Kinetics’ LED-based fixtures were the only technology
that could effectively deliver the full RGB spectrum in a small package, while
keeping power consumption to a reasonable level.”
Electroland partner
Damon Seeley said. “We required a tried and true product with manufacturer
support to do the job on a fast-track basis.”

The glowing ceiling and walls of the corridor are entirely lit by LED systems.
The designers utilized about 1,300 iColor Cove MX Powercore units as individually
controllable, 1-foot “pixels.” The units receive power
and data from compact Data Enabler devices. These eliminate the need for low-voltage
power supplies. The unmistakable Target logo is represented by a bull’s-eye
formed by light fixtures integrated within the interactive pixel array. Each year, several million people will traverse the breezeway connecting the
observation decks on the 67th floor of Rockefeller Center. Four stereoscopic
3-D cameras track each visitor individually. The lighting control system assigns
a lighting “personality” or a signature to each person in the space.
This personality forms a personalized pattern of light and sound which follow and react to each person around
the room.

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