Cireon Illuminates Universal CityWalk Hollywood

Jim Dilbeck, General Manager of Cireon based in Moorpark, California,
announced that his LED systems manufacturing company has recently completed a
major outdoor lighting project for Universal CityWalk Hollywood at Universal
Studios, Hollywood. The parking lot project was completed in conjunction with
Tako Tyko, Signs & Lighting of Los Angeles. The project encompassed 600
parking spots and had a footprint of more than 70,000 square feet. The project
used 75 Cascade LED luminaires that consume just 145-watts to replace 290-watt
metal halide fixtures.

Cireon was asked to develop a custom solution that would both increase the
light levels for the attraction but meet Los Angeles County’s stringent light
pollution guidelines by not spilling unwanted light into the adjacent
residential areas.

Benefits from the installation include a 50 % energy reduction in energy consumption, improved visibility and safety, and compliance with LA County Light ordinance. Cireon expects the installation to save a total 46,542 KWh annualy. With maintenance savings this adds up to expected total savings $11,500 annually with a payback in about 3.5 years.

Luxeon High Power

Said Dilbeck, “Our competitors sample installations weren’t
even close to adhering to the ordinance. We combined our optics and a specific
luminaire energy level to walk right up to the line of the ordinance without
stepping over. This gave Universal the best possible lighting system that
adhered to the required guidelines.”

One of the region’s first Urban Entertainment centers, Universal Citywalk
Hollywood was built in 1993. It includes a three-block entertainment, dining
and shopping promenade. Patrons can visit more than 30 restaurants, a 19-screen
movie theatre, seven entertainment venues such as the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club,
indoor skydiving, and dozens of retail locations.

“It was great working with Universal,” said John
Gilmore, National Sales Manager for Cireon. “We performed numerous
tests with various optics to ensure that CityWalk was satisfied with our
solution. Not only did we improve their light levels for their massive outdoor
space, but we were able to do so with 50% less energy. This will save Universal
a considerable amount of money over the life of the system while dramatically
reducing their environmental impact.”