Chroma-Q Adds XT to Inspire™ Range

Chroma-Q Inspire XT

Chroma-Q® reports that the company has added the XT to its Inspire™ range of luminaires. Like other Inspire models, the XT Incorporates theatrical grade dimming, produces a fully homogenized beam, and uses convection cooling. Additionally, the new Inspire XT boasts an output of more than 9,500 hot lumens.

Chroma-Q Inspire XT Offers Whites and Colors from Single Beam

The Inspire XT employs Chroma-Q’s homogenized optics, which the company says allows for a single, clean, pure, and uniform output beam. Chroma-Q calibrates the luminaires at the factory to ensure each Inspire output is color matched. The Inspire XT offers a range of whites, soft pastels, and saturated colors. According to the company, the XT can engage an audience while subtly or boldly shaping an environment and transform the look and feel of a space.

Chroma-Q says that Inspire XT is ideal for architectural entertainment, and houses of worship projects. The XT boasts twice the brightness of the original Inspire. The new luminaire is controllable through DMX, allowing smooth through the entire range including low light levels.

Luxeon High Power

Chroma-Q insists that with the XT, camera friendly technology eliminates camera flicker, on even the most demanding HD camera.

The luminaire features a 50,000-hour projected lifetime.