China’s SSL Forum & Expo July 12-14 is a Bellwether Event

While there are a growing number of LED-related international events to select
from these days, our event in Taiwan last month, Blue/SSL,
and the upcoming China International Forum (CIF) on Solid State Lighting (SSL)
July 12-14, CIF-SSL in mainland China
(PRC) stand apart in that they are totally focused on the solid state lighting
supply chain, and they’re located where an amazingly large number of suppliers
reside. PRC and Taiwan combined also comprise a huge and leading edge marketplace
for LED manufacturers, packagers, systems and subsystems designers as well as
OEMs, lighting designers, and end users who are poised to become major players
in the international SSL industry. With the SSL marketplace taking shape more
rapidly than many might realize, I believe CIF-SSL qualifies as a bellwether
event, i.e…. a leading indicator of the current status of the SSL industry,
and where it’s headed.

The PRC government is solidly behind this CIF-SSL event, which is now in its
third year, and they’ve made sure from the outset that this is a very international
event. Attendance from those residing in China has proved to be extremely high
and the organizing committee, under the chairmanship of Ms. Wu Ling, is again
welcoming the international SSL community to take part. Based on last year’s
attendance, CIF-SSL boasts the largest expo in the field, thus providing an
unprecedented opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to receive exceptional
and highly targeted exposure to the mainland China market. Check out the list
of participating organizers
and committee
members and prepare to be impressed.

A key member of Wu Ling’s committee is noted Asia LED industry expert, Dr.
Robert (Bob) Walker, CEO of the Sunnyvale, California USA-based power LED supplier
BridgeLux, Inc. Bob points out that the CIF-SSL event promises to offer attendees
a blend of business and technology updates along with networking opportunities
that will connect international manufacturers and suppliers to many of China’s
SSL companies and national SSL committee personnel. “I believe China
will be on the bleeding edge of the solid state lighting revolution
said Walker. “Companies need to view China as not just a manufacturing
center for labor-intensive products, such as toys or tennis shoes, but as an
important end-market and customer base for their solid-state lighting products.
Only by being in China, and developing person-to-person relationships, will
someone really begin to understand the business potential of the world’s
largest population and gather the knowledge they’ll need to design products
that can capitalize on this market potential

Luxeon High Power

The committee has recruited an impressive lineup of key speakers from the USA.
Included is the industry’s foremost market researcher, Dr. Robert (Bob) Steele
of Strategies Unlimited, and HB-LED technology pioneers, Dr. Asif Khan of the University of South Carolina and Dr.
Steven Denbaars of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Bob Steele points
out that, “With the rapid infrastructure growth they are experiencing
as a nation, China has recognized that now is the time to establish a national
goal to realize the energy-saving benefits that solid-state lighting can offer.
I don’t see any other nation showing this level of commitment to deploying
LED-based lighting solutions in such a broad-based manner. This commitment will
help to make China one of the most significant world markets for solid-state

In my opinion, this expo
portion of CIF-SSL is where the real action will take place as this is obviously
becoming a high traffic event. Like so many larger shows for compound semi suppliers,
the real deals go down in the expo aisles… or at least the stage is set for
precisely that. As with all business, it’s all about networking and the beauty
of any big expo is that you don’t have to go through switchboards or admins
to get to the target customer or potential partner. Since the conference agenda
spans the entire supply chain, there will be ample opportunity for indepth visits
to the expo. Exhibitors should again be quite pleased with the quality and quantity
of expo traffic. Check out details
on exhibiting
to be sure your company is represented at this important expo.

At CIF-SSL, as is the case with Blue/SSLS, the organizers guarantee that sponsors
and exhibitors receive center stage. With so many of us now using the Internet
as their primary source of business information, sponsors of these type events
now enjoy tremendous exposure online. It’s an excellent way to advertise while
supporting an important event or cause. The visual message that comes across
via such online exposure is becoming vital to companies. Plus, sites like ours
are now experiencing exceptionally high traffic and the embedded links such
as in this column, and crosslinks over a rich variety of information sources
is what sets online exposure apart from old fashioned ways of publicizing and
advertising. Sponsorship slots for CIF-SSL are still available. Check out details
on sponsorships

Lastly, here’s the link to attendee
information and registration
. If you’re based outside China, your best direct
contact is Kathi Blanchard in California at tel: 801-495-5500 and Kathi’s email
is: info@china-ssl.org. Inside China it’s Grace Cui at tel: 86-10-82512802 or
email her at cgw@techcn.com. Interestingly, Shenzhen
is a 6,000 year old city with a population of over 1 million noted for its Longgang
Sanhuang Chicken, Nantou Lichee, Nanshan Peach, Shiyan Pear, Jingui Orange,
Longhua Square Persimmon, dragon-dances, lion-dances and steed-dances. Sounds
like quite an experience. Enjoy!

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