Chicago Smart LED Street Lighting Installation Underway

During the fall of 2017, Chicago commenced one of the most extensive street lighting upgrade programs in the U.S. The smart LED street lighting project will reportedly provide better quality, more reliable outdoor lighting for Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel commented, “This project is a win-win – it will deliver one of the largest lighting modernization programs in the country while addressing one of the top reasons residents call 311.”

The city-wide smart LED street lighting initiative intends to replace over 270,000 existing outdated High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light fixtures with new energy-efficient LED lights. The project also will install an internet-connected lighting management system that automatically reports outages and other issues to speed up maintenance and repairs.

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Chicago Street after smart LED street light installation

Chicago Street after smart LED street light installation

Second Half of Smart LED StreetLight Project Phase One Begun

The second half of Phase I of the four-year project has already begun in 2018. Phase Two of the smart streetlight project is also scheduled to begin in 2018. The plan calls for installation of the LED street lights in neighborhood streets and alleys in South and Westside priority areas as well as along key city arteries. The remainder of the project is expected to take place through 2021, with schedules for the neighborhood streets, alley, and arteries to be determined.

The vendors for the street lighting products and the installers were not yet listed in the city’s vendor, contract, and payment database. However, the plan makes it clear that the resulting system will employ an Internet-connected lighting system backend control and monitoring.