Chevron Energy Solutions and Bridgelux Partner to Bring LED Lighting to Cities

Chevron Energy Solutions (CES) and Bridgelux have partnered to help municipalities finance energy efficiency retrofits. Chevron Energy Solutions develops and builds sustainable energy projects for city government, schools, and business facillities using renewable energy sources and technology that increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, and ensure reliable, high-quality energy. Solid state lighting is a newly added part of the energy saving equation for CES.

Bridgelux has created a retrofit module that will fit into a standard cobra head street light fixture. Bridgelux claims that the retrofit module costs 30 to 50 percent less than an installed LED-based cobrahead replacement.

The module reportedly allows cities the potential of upgrading streetlights in the future to incorporate sensing and networking capabilities, giving city managers tools to control their lights and monitor traffic or remote locations, something impossible with conventional streetlights.

Luxeon High Power

Under the program, Chevron Energy Solutions, the energy services division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc., will upgrade streetlights with LED technology, often at no upfront cost to cities. Bridgelux asserts that its LED streetlights require 50 percent less power and far less maintenance than ordinary streetlights.