LED Lighting Luminaires and Fixtures

Researcher to Study Sunlight-Mimicking LED Lighting’s Influence on Mental Health

Dr. Myriam Juda intends to answer the question of whether or not natural sunlight mimicking LED lighting can affect the body’s natural circadian rhythms and improve mental health and recovery.  Dr. Juda is a postdoctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University, Canada in the Department of Psychology. Her research into human …

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Lighting Science Introduces Air Sanitizing Luminaire

Lighting Science of West Warwick, Rhode Island, launched a new LED luminaire that is said to reduce the airborne pathogens responsible for numerous illnesses. According to Lighting Science, the easy-to-install Cleanse ™ is an air-sanitizing luminaire that decreases the levels of airborne particles, including microorganisms. Such health concerns are widely …

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Light Artist James Turrell Works with Zumtobel on Skyspace Lech Installation

Light artist James Turrell, again worked with LED lighting from Zumtobel. In his latest work, Skyspace Lech, Turrel blends the mostly underground Skyspace Lech into the landscape of the Arlberg mountains in western Austria. Those passing, see just an elliptical dome and a similarly rounded construction made from natural stone. …

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Independent Namibian Film Utilizes Signify’s Philips Strand Brand Lighting

Signify (previously called Philips Lighting), reported that its Philips Strand Lighting studio and location fixtures have provided practical and performance benefits to the production of an independent Namibian movie with working title, #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm. DWR Distribution, Signify’s Entertainment Lighting sales partner in South Africa supplied a range of Philips Strand Lighting’s …

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A.L.P.’s Recruit™ LED Fixture Kit Recognized in Eneref Report for its Recyclable Polycarbonate Housing

A.L.P. Recruit Wall-Mounted Security Fixture featured in Eneref report

When you decide to throw away your LED lighting after its long lifetime, it will not contain the hazardous material that compact fluorescent bulbs contain, but it will fill space in a landfill. And like most mass produced products, the final product takes a lot of energy and resources to …

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Signify Illuminates ‘Imperial City’ of Huế

Signify reported that Vietnam’s most important historical and cultural monument, the ‘Imperial City’ of Huế  has been illuminated with Philips Color Kinetics technology from Signify. (The city coincidentally has a similar name to that of Philips’ popular smart bulb Hue.) The thick stone walls of Huế fortress provided protection to …

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