LED Lighting Controls

San Diego and Jacksonville to Pilot GE’s New Connected LED Lighting Solution

San Diego, California and Jacksonville, Florida will soon begin a pilot program to examine the effectiveness of an intelligent city LED-based street lighting solution from GE. The GE solution that the cities are testing employs sensors, controls, wireless transmitters, and microprocessors to optimize operations and reduce costs beyond just changing …

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Herring Media Group and Philips Color Kinetics Help Rebrand Times Square Offices of Barclays

Time Square Offices of Barclays

A 300 -year old company, Barclays wanted to rebrand its Americas headquarters in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. The lighting designers from Herring Media Group (HMG) wanted to create a “lantern” effect on the Manhattan nighttime skyline with Barclay’s corporate blue color. The design also needed to …

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Tridonic Launches DALI-Compliant Control System for Multiple Light Sources with Centrally Located AC/DC Converter

Tridonic has launched the connecDIM, a light management system solution for commerce and industry. The system, which comprises the connecDIM Gateway and connecDIM Cloud, combines decentralized light monitoring and control options with what the company describes as a user-friendly and cost-efficient design. The light monitoring and control options reportedly enable …

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Philips’ Mobile and Cloud-Based Technologies Control Los Angeles Street Lights

Royal Philips reported that the city of Los Angeles (LA) will become the first city in the world to control its street lighting through Philips’ advanced management system that employs cloud-based and mobile technologies. The new technology makes LA’s Bureau of Street Lighting a pioneer in LED street lighting with …

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Deco Lighting and Daintree Networks Provide Wireless-Enabled LED Fixtures

Deco Lighting, a maker of energy-efficient lighting, is working with Daintree Networks, Inc., an expert in providing solutions for smart buildings, to create a cost-effective, fully-integrated LED Troffer solution. The troffer solution employs a wireless-enabled LED driver to be used with Deco LED fixtures. Deco Lighting developed the Deco Watt Controls™ …

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