LED Replacement Lamps/Bulbs

Philips Lighting Introduces Connected LED T8 Retrofit Lamps Using EasySmart Technology

Philips Lighting Smart LED T8 with EasySmart Technology

Philips Lighting launched a product that the company says simplifies the path to connection ready lighting. The new product is called the InstantFit LED T8 lamp with EasySmart technology. The new EasySmart T8 lamps expand Philips Lighting’s existing InstantFit LED platform. Philips asserts that the new T8 LED lamps are …

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Soraa LED Illuminate Share Office Space Known as the MESH Club

The MESH Club uniquely serves as a shared office space in Rosebank’s trendy Keyes Art Mile in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the lively surroundings, young creatives and established entrepreneurs can work, collaborate, and socialize. MESH Club founder and CEO Jonathon Meyer wanted lighting that was as brilliant as the company’s …

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DOE Publishes Gateway Demonstration Evaluating the Long Term Benefits of Indoor LED Lighting Installations

The U.S. Department of Energy published a Gateway field demonstration of the long-term performance LED lights used in particular applications. The study evaluated four LED lighting installations. In addition to wanting LED lighting for improved energy efficiency, some of the installations were motivated by other potential benefits including improved lighting …

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Espen Launches Double-Ended, 8-Foot T8 Lamps

Espen Technology - Flex DE double ended, 8-foot TLED lamps

Espen Technology based in Santa Fe Springs, California USA has launched a new line of double-ended, 8-foot, A/C-Direct (UL-Type B) LED T8 lamps. The lamps are members of Espen’s Flex line of internal driver lamps. The 8-foot Flex DE lamps accept dual voltage at both ends (120/277VAC), and they come …

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Orion to Supply Troffer Retrofits for Healthcare Facilities

Orion Energy Systems, Inc. of Manitowoc, Wisconsin reported that an important Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has chosen Orion’s patented HARRIS LED LDR®Troffer Retrofit system for a multi-facility rollout. So far, Orion, through its installation partner, has received about $900,000 in orders for 70 of the company’s 342 facilities. …

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GE Introduces Higher CRI HD LED Bulbs

Giant technology firm GE has introduced its High Definition LED light bulbs. GE points out that it new, higher color rendering index LED bulbs known as HD enhance color boldness and contrast compared to an average 80 CRI bulb. According to GE, the new HD bulbs deliver better quality light …

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