Buffalo Sabres to Get Ephesus Sports Lighting from Eaton

Power management company Eaton of Syracuse, New York USA announced that owners of the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, are installing its advanced Ephesus sports LED lighting and controls system. The First Niagra Center is the home of the National Hockey League’s (NHL®)  Buffalo Sabres. According to Eaton, the LED system improves the viewing experience for spectators and reduces energy use by as much as 75 percent.

Eaton's Ephesus Arena Pro luminaire

Eaton’s Ephesus Arena Pro luminaire

The Sabres will play their first pre-season game against the Ottawa Senators under the LED new lights on September 27. Eaton notes that in 2014, the Ottawa Senators whose home is the Canadian Tire Centre Arena, were the first NHL team to get Ephesus LED sports lighting.

“We’ve seen firsthand how Eaton’s Ephesus sports LED lighting system can improve visibility both on the ice and in the arena bowl,” said Michael Gilbert, vice president, Administration, Buffalo Sabres. “Implementing this industry-leading system for First Niagara Center will allow us to continue to provide a world-class venue for both players and fans.”

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The new system features Ephesus Arena Pro luminaires with color temperature tuning and a wired DMX control system that can interface with the arena’s existing control system. The LED system is reportedly the only one available that is capable of 100 percent dimming.

The arena needed fewer fixtures than the previous lighting system, but the Eaton system was able to deliver optimal lighting that illuminates more uniformly on the playing surface, improving the stage for players and fans watching either live or on high-definition TV. Eaton boasts that offers the lowest total operating costs compared to other traditional sports lighting systems, is easy to install, and virtually maintenance-free for years.

“Since we installed the first solid-state lighting system in a North American sports arena, facility operators have come to understand that Eaton’s digital lighting solutions create an enhanced stage for fans and performers,” said Mike Lorenz, president, Eaton’s Ephesus Lighting business. “As in many other hockey venues that our products are illuminating, we are confident that Sabres fans, broadcasters, players and even their opponents will see the game better with our industry-leading digital lighting and controls system.”