Bridgelux Arrays Power Hella’s New Downlight for Retail

Bridgelux Inc. based in Livermore, California USA, announced that Hella Lighting selected their RS LED arrays for Hella’s first down light designed specifically for the commercial and retail lighting markets.

The Hella down light is a very low profile luminaire using a proprietary optical design enabled by Bridgelux LED array technology. According to Hella, the luminaire will deliver an effective lumen output of 2600 lumens in 4000K neutral white. The new down light is designed to replace the traditional CFL and Metal-Halide lighting systems while consuming only 43 Watts of power.

Most down lights, require an elongated reflector to reduce glare. However, Hella’s down light uses an innovative optic that eliminates glare in a shallow form factor. The flat Bridgelux array architecture combines a directed beam with a high flux density source. The low profile design allows installation where ceiling heights are limited.

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