BJarke Ingels Group Launches Alphabet of Light

The BJarke Ingels Group (BIG) has launched a family of products it calls the Alphabet of Light. The company made the new neon-like LED modules with the help of Artemide. According to the company, the neon-like LED lights come in the form of a new font that translates into light. The Bjarke Ingels Group produced the neon-like LED lights with opaque injection molded PMMA.

BJarke Ingels Group introduces Alphabet of Light

BJarke Ingels Group introduces Alphabet of Light

In creating this font, the design firm made a kind of luminous language that the company says can be used to write and express one’s thoughts. The lights can form words in space and also create graphic signs using simple base modules with specific geometric proportions. These base modules can be joined to construct countless linear or curved light structures.

Connecting Pieces Appear Virtually Seamless When Lit

The pieces can be connected with PMMA plastic tube connectors that appear virtually seamless when lit.

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The company says that the linear and round modules can be combined to produce a system of letters, numbers, and symbols in addition to making free or closed compositions. Alphabet of Light Linear or Circular can be positioned to form countless basic or more complex structures and suspension appliances that can match architecture or space functions.

The Alphabet Of Light, wall version is available now, and the Alphabet Of Light suspension is coming in winter 2017.