Bieber Lighting Launches Tennis-Brite Series of Luminaires for Tennis Courts

Bieber Lighting a long-time maker of lighting for tennis courts has now come out with new competition LED-based Tennis court fixtures. The company sought the input of professional tennis players to create the lighting for tennis courts that the players would most want to use.

Bieber Lighting used these insights to design what it says meets the needs of professional tennis players.From the feedback that they received, they were able to identify several common issues with conventional LED lighting use to illuminate tennis courts. The company insists that unlike standard LED area lights that have a limited coverage area and only look bright enough when you look at them, its new Tennis-Brite LED series offers full light coverage of the court.

Bieber Lighting Tennis-Brite Series of luminaires illuminates tennis court at Altedena Town and Country Club

Bieber Lighting Tennis-Brite Series of luminaires illuminates tennis court at Altedena Town and Country Club

Another common issue with LED lights for tennis courts that the players described is the glare. Tennis requires quick reaction times with eye-hand-coordination playing a major role. For this reason, lighting of tennis courts is especially important. Glare is a major issue in tennis court lighting especially when dozens of LEDs can each cause a streak in your field of vision.
The Tennis-Brite Series of luminaires uses just six LED modules with only one at a time in the player’s line of vision.

Luxeon High Power

Ricc Bieber CEO of Bieber Lighting said ”Our philosophy is. Less is more! Fewer points of light is better with all ball chasing

According to the company, the TennisBrite™ integrates high-grade optical glass with custom precision optics that it created to push lumens further so the lower wattage our their LED chips have higher Lux on the ground despite using fewer chips.

Another concern for LED lighting of tennis courts is the color (temperature) of the light. The tennis pros that the company surveyed do not like playing under cool-white (bluish) light. An additional concern is the color rendering index, a special measurement of the ability to perceive colors compared to sunlight. A high CRI is important both for players and for HD TV viewers.

Sunlight is the Ideal Light for Tennis Courts

Sunlight is the ideal color temperature and it has the CRI of 100. Certain LED lights can come very close to mimicking sunlight.
However, higher CRI lights tend to have lower lumen output, according to the company.

Beiber Lighting says its Tennis-Brite LED series overcomes all of these issues. The firm says it was able to make an LED light with a CRI above 94. Also, to compensate for the decreased lumen output of using high CRI LEDs, the company increased the wattage powering the six LEDs in its Tennis-Brite LED series to increase their output.

The Tennis-Brite LED series comes in three versions, Tennis-Brite Competition™ 600W , Tennis-Brite Pro™ 400W, and the Tennis-Brite Residential™ 200W. These products are assembled in the U.S.A with 60% US-made components.

The Tennis-Brite LED series comes with the company’s standard 10- year warranty and an optional 15-year extended warranty.