Bartco Lighting Introduces Fractalz Series LED Luminaires

Bartco Lighting -- Fractalz Series luminaires

Bartco Lighting of Los Angeles, California, has launched its new multidirectional Fractalz™ Series LED luminaires. The novel shape of the new multidirectional luminaire offers a distinct departure from more traditional designs and adds an element of abstract expressionism.

According to Bartco Lighting, the Fractalz luminaire can seamlessly integrate recessed ceiling, Through-Space, and recessed wall segments into an artistically unified structure. The Fractalz Series includes Through-Space (BFZ100-T) and Recessed Flush Mount (BFZ100-R) fixtures that can operate together or independently.

Bartco Lighting Fractalz Series Can Integrate Recessed Ceiling, Through-Space, and Recessed Wall Segments

The Through-Space fixtures project from walls and ceilings in lengths of 21 to 51 inches. Bartco makes them with an extruded aluminum housing and a flat frosted lens. The ends each fixture can mount to walls, hard ceilings, and other Fractalz Fixtures. Up to three fixtures of any length and angle orientation can be joined for a unique and interactive lighting experience. The standard output for the primary light source is 500 lumens per foot.

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The Fractalz Recessed fixture comes in lengths of 24 to 96 inch at six-inch intervals. The company makes the recessed fixture with an extruded aluminum housing that has sheet formed plaster flanges and a frosted acrylic lens. Its 1210-277V voltage driver is available in non-dimming versions or with a 1-10V dimming. The Recessed Fixture also delivers 500 lumens per foot.

Made in the U.S., the Fractalz Series comes color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K and features an 80+ color rendering index (CRI). The luminaires are both UL and C-UL listed for dry and damp locations. Bartco backs the IBEW manufactured and assembled fixtures come with a limited five-year warranty.