Ayrton Debuts Ghibli™, its first LED spot, at PLASA London 2017

At the 40th PLASA London 2017, entertainment lighting specialist Ayrton debuted the Ghibli™, the company’s first LED spotlight. The Ghibli™ expands the company’s automated lighting range. The compact, and lightweight, Ghibli boasts high output, a selectable CRI, ultra-efficient optics, and an 8:1 zoom from 7° to 56°. The company was able to house these features in what they describe as a compact and competitively-priced, package with a sleek, industrial design.

Ayrton introduces Ghibli LED spot light

Ayrton introduces Ghibli LED spot light

“Ghibli is the smallest and lightest fixture in its class compared with both LED and metal halide products, and gives the best performance to size and weight ratio of any LED hard edge fixture available – and metal halide product – in its class,” confirmed Ferrante.

Ghibli Output AND Quality

The Ghibli consumes less than 900W of power in total, yet delivers an output of 23,000 lumens. According to the company, this light output renders it intense enough for large scale arenas.

Luxeon High Power

In addition, Ayrton says the output is incredibly high-quality light, providing a crisp and uniform beam with no hotspot, and fantastic center-to-edge uniformity. The Ghibli can reportedly deliver fat beams across its entire field, allowing its use both in theaters and on tour.

Ultra-Efficient Optics

The company says that the high-quality beam due in part to its 80% optical efficiency which helps ensure that the Ghibli does not the compromise between providing high-quality light and high output.

“Visitors were able to understand for themselves how the combination of the dissipation of heat through Ghibli’s die-cast base and the liquid cooling system for the engine in the head were innovative ways to manage heat,” explains Norfolk. “These, in turn, allow Ghibli to have a smaller footprint while the liquid cooling system for the engine in the head reduces the number of cooling fans by half. The result is whisper silent operation which is an extremely desirable feature.”

Sleek Design

Ayrton designed the Ghibli with a low-profile base housing that reduces its footprint and created its sleek and industrial-looking design.

“We designed Ghibli with beautiful, clean lines and no hard edges,” says Ferrante. “That way we can guarantee it looks great on camera and when in view of the audience.”

“We are hearing from our customers that they recognize that Ghibli is much smaller, lighter and less expensive than any other product in its class,” he concludes, “with a great lumen per wattage ratio and much, much more usable zoom range. That makes us very happy that we succeeded in what we set out to do.”