Ayrton Helps Bring Ibiza Experience to Paris

The second annual Fun Radio Ibiza Experience, organized in partnership with Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, took place on 14 April 2017 at the Accor Hotels Arena in Paris. About 17,000 people gathered at this enormous electronic dance music event that converted the venue into a massive dance floor. The music included the sounds of top DJs Nervo, Sam Feldt, Robin Schultz, W&W, and headline DJs, Afrojack and Hardwell.

Show director, and founder of High Scream, Romain Pissenem commented, “To stand up and dance and have fun is the only response we can show to the threats to which our city has been subjected.”

Aryton luminaires at Fun Radio Ibiza 2017 © Roberto Castano

Aryton luminaires at Fun Radio Ibiza 2017 © Roberto Castano

Ayrton helped Pissenem realize the spirit of Ibiza along with the unique Ushuaïa vibe in Paris with its LED fixtures. Of these 200 Ayrton fixtures for the show, the rig featured over 100 MagicBlade™-FX, 50 MagicPanel™-FX and 50 MagicDot™-XT. Ayrton also supplied the fixtures as part of a collaboration between the company and the electronic dance music masters for the enormous party in Paris.

Luxeon High Power

This year’s electronic music concert design incorporated an immense stage, a linear configuration of newly introduced LED screens, and a long line of lighting fixtures that frame a representation of the curved stage at Ushuaïa.

Pissenem commented, “At Ushuaïa we have seven different shows – a separate one for each DJ – with a new show every day of the week; and every year we create seven new productions which get bigger and better each year. In Paris, we have just one chance, once a year, to give people the best party possible. So when people walked into that massive arena this year, even those who came to the first Paris edition in 2016, I still wanted to blow their minds with a huge new show.”

“We can’t replicate all the productions from Ibiza,” said Pissenem, “but we can bring the same energy, the same attraction of an international DJ line up, and the same crazy effects show, condensed into one mad, dance-filled party night.”

The night culminated with twelve aerial acrobats descending on bungee cords from the roof to perform a spectacular show 30m above the heads of the audience.

With only one day of set-up and little time to hang any rigging from the roof, Pissenem decided his Parisian Ibiza stage should be based upon a frontal design. The lighting arrangement would both fill the space and throw all its light forwards into the crowd.

“The idea was to give the impression of throwing all the energy from the stage out front – like an extension of the music – as strongly as possible in the face of the crowd. I decided to create a massive wall of light, into which we integrated the curve of the Ushuaïa stage, all of which was formed out of a big and powerful lighting structure,” Pissenem explained.

Pissenem outlined the top of the stage with a long line of alternating MagicDot-XT and MagicPanel-FX luminaires, and added more down the sides, and interspersed them between the strips of LED screens.

Lights Formed Huge Wall

Once combined, the lights formed a huge wall. Inside of this wall, he positioned fifteen angled trusses to mimic the arch of the Ushuaïa stage, each of which was alternately loaded with four MagicBlade-FX and a MagicPanel-FX units. Also, each of the six truss towers located far upstage carried half a dozen more MagicBlade-FX, and a long, stage-wide row of MagicDot-XT was placed in front of the DJ booth.

“Our challenge was to make each of the six DJ’s sets different from each other and special to themselves, all in the space of one evening. I, therefore, chose to hide the truss a little and to conceal the fixtures until I was ready to use them. We then added a different product/feature to each DJ set and gradually built them up over the six acts until, by the time the headliners, Afrojack and Hardwell, were playing, the whole rig was in full use and the crowd was going wild,” Pissenem said.

“Each time I moved the MagicPanel-FX it really changed the appearance of the design, and the design itself took on a different appearance with a real three-dimensional depth when viewed from different angles across the arena.”

Pissenem employed the MagicPanel-FX to produce aerial effects such as broad beams of colored light with slow, sweeping actions as well as fast and furious activity. He also utilized the graphic patterns, shape, and orientation of the MagicBlade-FX and MagicPanel-FX to bring more visual interest and eye-candy. The MagicDot-XT created undulating waves in front of the DJ booth.

Pissenem stated, “The Ayrton fixtures were amazing in this process as they were strong, powerful, versatile fixtures that allowed us to form the arch shape and to create so much more light. Not only are they extremely powerful, but the way they move, and the way you can use them as decoration is really, really helpful.”

“We kept the same Ushuaïa recipe for Paris, but created a different show with same ingredients. The most essential of those ingredients was using the same team: Bertrand de Saint Pern, my technical director who is brilliant and the one who makes everything happen; production manager, Caroline Harrington; Ian Woodall, technical manager and, Leon Van Empel from S Group which has been our rental supplier at Ushuaïa for the last six years and who, as ever, came with everything I asked him to bring…it’s good to be surrounded by these crazy people!” Pissenem said.

“What is important for me is to keep the human touch. Yvan is passionate, creative and a genius, so I am very happy to shake his hand and find a way to create something big together.”

“When I want to create new effects or ideas with the light, I know Ayrton works in a way that will produce something amazing,” Pissenem concluded.