Australian Firm Orders Heliospecta’s LED Grow Lights for Cannabis Grow Rooms

Heliospectra, a Swedish-based maker of LED grow light technology reported a new order from an Australian manufacturer and pharmacology researcher. The Australian firm ordered Heliospectra’s fully adjustable ELIXIA LED lighting solution, and Heliospectra says the order is valued at about SEK 660,000 ($ 78,000). Heliospectra says that its fully adjustable ELIXIA LED grow light solution will be installed Australian company’s new state-of-the-art Conviron cannabis grow rooms, which will be used for cannabis-related research at the company’s research and development facility.

Australian firm orders ELIXIA systems for cannabis grow rooms.

Australian firm orders ELIXIA systems for cannabis grow rooms.

The Australian company will use the controlled growth environment from a third-party maker of controlled-growth environment systems Conviron. This controlled environment lets the researchers control all aspects of the growth including light output, nutrients, water, airflow, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide. The goal of the research is to achieve greater yield per square meter, resulting in more cost-effective and economical cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals.

ELIXIA to be Used as Part of Controlled Growth Environment

“For cannabis cultivation, production of highest-quality crops and the ability to control compounds is of utmost importance as facilities scale. These include the ability to influence terpenes and control THC and CBD levels,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO of Heliospectra. “Utilizing our controllable ELIXIA light helps our research customers and commercial growers to be flexible yet reach their production objectives faster.”

Heliospectra says that its ELIXIA LED grow light, is suitable for greenhouse lighting as well as growth environments with only artificial lighting. ELIXIA can be controlled through Heliospectra’s HelioCORE™ light control software. Heliospectra says that ELIXIA offers clear business advantages for cultivation teams and researchers worldwide. According to the company, its HelioCORE™ light control software, empowers growers to enhance the quality of plants and accelerate harvest and production cycles while giving growers consistent and standardized returns.

The Australian firm plans to take delivery of the ELIXIA grow lights during the fourth quarter of 2018.