Aura Light Launches Tunable White Model of Lezzon Linear Luminaire

Aura Light has added the new Lezzon linear LED luminaire to its product portfolio. Lezzon is one of Aura Light’s architectural range of luminaires for schools, offices, universities, and other public spaces. According to the company, the Lezzon luminaire features a more stylish and unusual outline than a traditional linear luminaire. The wire-suspended luminaire features a contemporary style.

Aura Light Lezzon linear luminaire

Aura Light Lezzon linear luminaire

The linear LED light now also incorporates Aura Light’s Tunable White technology. The Tunable White technology allows users to adjust the color temperature. Users can set the color temperature to mimic sunrise with a cool white color temperature and sunset with a warm white color temperature. The cool white color temperature is known to improve productivity and concentration levels, a particular benefit to working and educational environments. While the warm white color temperature is known to help relaxation and sleep.

Aura Light designed and manufactured the Lezzon LED luminaire in Sweden. Lighting designer Joachim Engstrand based the Lezzon linear luminaire on the company’s advanced ‘Z-core’ light engine platform. Several of the firm’s latest luminaires use the Z-core light engine. According to Aura Light, the Z-core light engines power the luminaires and provide the highest efficiency due to their exceptional thermal management. Aura Light contend that Lezzon is particularly suited for schools and offices that need reliable and affordable lighting for long periods of time.

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The luminaire comes in 36W, 41W, 53W or 65W versions that can serve as a low energy replacement for fluorescent tubes or linear luminaires often associated with high running costs. Lezzon produces up to 115 lumens per watt and is comprised of an LED light source with a 50,000 hour lifetime. Aura Light offers a 5-year guarantee on the luminaire, to ensure that regular maintenance and lamp replacements are not necessary for that time. The Lezzon’s extruded aluminum housing enhances its efficiency by ensuring good heat dissipation. Thus, aluminum housing helps prevent the LEDs from overheating, damaging the performance, reducing the quality of light, and consequently reducing the overall lifetime of the luminaire.

According to Aura Light, 65% of the light from the luminaire is direct light that passes through a micro-prism diffuser. The remaining 35% is indirect light that goes through a line prismatic diffuser. The luminaire can be dimmed with DALI dimming controls and can also be dimmed by phase pulse control, for additional energy savings.

The company asserts that Installing Lezzon is particularly straightforward and takes little time. One-meter wires suspend the pendant luminaire. These wires are adjustable and can be moved along the luminaire to meet the installation requirements.

The standard color temperatures for Lezzon are 3000K and 4000K. However, the new model with the new Tunable White option, which is available only in 41W output, gives users the ability to adjust the color temperatures from 2700K to 6000K according to individual preference and natural daylight levels.

Aura Light says it developed the Tunable White concept in response to recent studies of Human Centric Lighting. According to the results of the studies, varying light brightness and color temperatures can positively or negatively affect levels of productivity, fatigue, and concentration in classrooms and offices. The company says that the Tunable White Lezzon gives users the ability to control the color temperature within a room and create an ambiance that meets their daily requirements.