ams Launches Family of Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors

ams of Premstaetten, Austria, a supplier of sensor solutions, introduced a new family of proximity and ambient light sensors. The sensors boast high sensitivity, low-power consumption, and ams tout’s the device’s small package size. According to the company, these features are demanded for display and LED brightness control in consumer electronics. The family includes the TSL2541 and TSL2540 ambient light sensors and the TSL2740, a combined ambient light and proximity sensor.

ams -- depiction of ambient light sensor- equipped smart device

ams — smart device equipped with an ambient light sensor

The new family can detect ambient light at an intensity as low as a few millilux – the equivalent of a clear night sky with no moonlight. ams says that their wide dynamic range allows them to operate effectively in lighting conditions ranging from a dark room to bright sunlight, and even behind inked cover glass. In response to the brightness of the ambient light, the sensors can automatically adjust the brightness of LCD display backlighting or indicator LEDs.

All three new optical sensors come in a tiny 2.0mm x 2.0mm 0.5mm low-profile QFN package which is small enough for compact consumer devices including smart home assistants. The TSL2541’s package is made with a unique dark compound makes the TSL2541’s package almost undetectable when mounted under inked cover glass.

Sensors Feature Separate IR and Photopic Ambient Light Sensing Channels

The TSL2541, TSL2540, and TSL2740 feature separate infrared light and photopic ambient light sensing channels made with interferometric IR and photopic filters placed directly on the silicon. The company says that the photopic channel approximates the human eye’s response to light intensity under drastically varying lighting conditions and through dark attenuated materials.

The TSL2740 measures reflected IR light emitted from an external LED for proximity sensing. The device proximity offset can be adjusted to compensates for crosstalk effects from the IR LED related to proximity events at a range of up to 10cm.

“Ambient light and proximity sensors are widely used today in smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the high sensitivity and package size of the new product family, ams addresses emerging market applications such as smart home devices, IoT hubs and consumer electronics. Flexible, industrial design is a critical requirement for home devices, and the small form factor of this family of products makes them ideal for these applications,” said David Moon, senior marketing manager for the Advanced Optical Solutions business at ams.

The TSL2540, TSL2740 and TSL2541 are available now in production volumes. Unit pricing is $0.44 for the TSL2540 and TSL2541 and $0.46 for the TSL2740 in an order quantity of 5,000 units.

Evaluation kits for all three devices are now also available.