Amerlux Introduces SPEQ Track Lighting Solution

LED lighting firm Amerlux of Oakland, New Jersey USA, has launched a new line of LED-powered track lighting solutions. The new track lighting solution SPEQ line boasts a clean, controlled, and powerful beam for commercial spaces, high-end retail, and gallery exhibits. The design looks like conventional track lighting, so it does not draw attention to itself. Unlike most LED track lighting solutions, Amerlux says that SPEQ can deliver a powerful, controlled beam from just about any mounting height. Also, the design does not have a visible heat sink or venting like other LED-based solutions.

Amerlux SPEQ track lighting line

Amerlux SPEQ track lighting line

“We just added allure to high-end clothing and luster to sparkling jewelry,” said Frank Diassi, who is Amerlux’s founder and chairman. “For years, big box retailers, art galleries and boutiques have endured the inconsistency of color and performance of halogen and ceramic metal halide light sources. With innovation and technology, we are now delivering the performance and color consistency of LED in higher mounting applications that focus the attention of the consumers on your products.”

SPEQ Beam as narrow as 8 Degrees

The SPEQ’s beam spreads range from a very narrow spot of 8 degrees to wide flood narrow spots to wide floods. The family delivers more than 46,800 center beam candlepower. The SPEQ is available with a snoot (a tube that fits over the light that can control the direction and radius of the light beam) that perfectly matches the fixture to direct the beam and control glare. Other options include a hexcell louver, a Solite beam softening lens, a linear spread lens, and a cross blade.

Luxeon High Power

The integrated and invisible driver enables low-level dimming and gives the lights full 2.5 KV surge protection. Three cylindrical models are available including a large, 48-watt version for higher mounting heights that provides up to 3,977 lumens with a center beam candlepower (CBCP) of 46,856; the medium-sized model consumes 26-watts and delivers up to 2,056 lumens with a CBCP of 14,898; and the small version operates using 15 watts, and delivers up to 1,310 lumens with a CBCP of 9,393.

The SPEQ is available with a Class A Full Gamut chip that delivers full saturation of color and clean, crisp whites, or with correlated color temperatures (CCTs) including 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. The track light dims with TRIAC and ELV dimmers on 120V/277V systems.