Ameren, Illinois to Gradually Replace Street Lights

This August, Ameren Illinois began a ten-year program to replace older outdoor street and area lighting with LED technology.
To lower installation costs, the town does not plan to take a geographical approach, but will instead replace older street and area lights community-by-community. The town intends to replace flood and directional lights as their stock of replacement bulbs is depleted.

The new LED luminaires have a warm white (3000K) correlated color temperature. Customers can pay a $250 per fixture fee to replace the street lights outside of the normal maintenance schedule. According to the town’s fact sheet, LED street lights consume 55 to 65 percent less electricity, and their longevity is expected to require little maintenance over the first 15 years of service.

The town chose to install LED street lights due to the combination of improved nighttime visibility and safety as well as the reduced maintenance and operational costs. Other considerations included no toxic chemicals and a decrease in carbon emission due to electricity usage.

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