AMALIE Arena Installs Eaton’s Ephesus Lumadapt System

The AMALIE Arena, home of the national hockey league team, the Tampa Bay Lightning recently installed the Ephesus Lumadapt LED Sports Lighting System. Soon, the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team will open the 2018-19 season at AMALIE Arena under the Ephesus Lumadapt LED Sports Lighting System for the first time, Tampa Bay Lightning president and CEO Steve Griggs reported. The National Hockey League is using the Ephesus Lumadapt LED Sports Lighting System supplied by global power management company Eaton, for the first time. The arena’s new lighting is intended to improve the arena experience for players, fans and broadcasters.

Eaton supplied Ephesus LED Sports Lighting system for AMLIE Arena, home of NHL team, Tampa Bay Lightning.

Eaton supplied Ephesus Lumadapt LED Sports Lighting system for AMELIE Arena, home of NHL team, Tampa Bay Lightning.

“On the day that the Green Sports Alliance is celebrating Green Sports Day, we are proud to announce that AMALIE Arena and the Tampa Bay Lightning are debuting the most modern LED lighting system in sports,” Griggs said. “Our facility operations team will benefit from the many advantages that LED lighting offers and our environment will benefit as we lessen our footprint moving forward. But what sets the Lumadapt system apart from the others is the ability to continually upgrade and expand its capabilities as new functionality and technologies are developed. It is truly cutting edge.”

At a cost of more than $600,000, Eaton says that the Ephesus Lumadapt system is the industry’s first adaptive fully customizable LED sports lighting and controls system. According to Eaton, the investment in the lighting allows facility operators to buy what they need now, and remotely update, adapt and expand the system as their needs change and as new features and technologies become available.

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AMELIE Arena last upgrade the lighting system in 2011 shortly after Jeff Vinik purchased the Lightning and the lease-hold right to AMALIE Arena. For the previous upgrade, 242 metal halide fixtures were installed as part of a multi-million-dollar facility transformation.

AMALIE Arena Gets Eaton’s Ephesus Lumadapt System

Lumadapt’s smart-cloud data approach connects the entire system and lets users remotely monitor system health and instantly upload new features, functionality, and system upgrades. The fully integrated system can be expanded with a range of options such as; RGBA color, beam tuning, color temperature tuning, remote health/status monitoring, and dynamic scene builder with the ability to make personalized scenes. As Eaton develops or updates additional functionality, Lumadapt customers can pick and choose the functionality they want to upgrade the system.

“We commend the Lightning for helping us usher in a new era of LED lighting at AMALIE Arena that frees facility operators and owners from a one-size-fits-all approach that locks them into today’s technology for decades,” said Lee Davis, General Manager of Eaton’s Ephesus Lighting. “Lumadapt unlocks the full power and connectivity of solid state lighting by evolving and expanding as needs change and new functionality becomes available.”

While the NHL’s AMLIE Arena is the first to utilize the new lighting system, the NHL has switched the lighting of five other venues to Eaton’s Ephesus LED sports lighting, and hundreds of facilities have also made the switch to Eaton’s Ephesus LED sports lighting system including ten American Hockey League (AHL) arenas and numerous community skating rinks.