Acuity Brands Launches NOMI Family of OLED Products

Winona Lighting's NOMI OLED Wall Sconce Luminaires in Conference Room

Acuity Brands, Inc.  has released NOMI™ OLED from Winona® Lighting. NOMI, which is the most recent addition to Winona Lighting’s OLED product line, is a family of wall sconces for high-end residential,  hospitality, healthcare, corporate interiors, and lobbies. Winona Lighting has combined modern luminaire designs with the energy efficiency and unique form factor of OLEDs.

The NOMI line comes in Straight and Curve models. The NOMI Straight luminaire features rigid rectangular OLED panels. As the name suggests, the NOMI Curve model employs curved OLED panels. Winona contends that the NOMI Curve model is the first commercial product of its kind to use bendable rectangular OLED panels.

The NOMI family offers multiple lighting distributions and comes in a choice of three correlated color temperatures (CCT)  of 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. The luminaires have an  L70 rated lifetime of up to 40,000 hours.  Winona offers several custom finishes for NOMI, and to meet certain Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage requirements, NOMI offers custom signage options including raised numbers/lettering with Braille.

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“With NOMI, we offer a fresh approach to traditional sconce lighting applications. Utilizing the glow of OLED in a sleek design reminiscent of a torch, we have created a modern interpretation of a candle flame. The effect is mesmerizing. Each individual sconce is extremely low in wattage, making the design pragmatic as well,” commented Jeannine Fisher Wang, director of business development and marketing, OLED Business Group, for Acuity Brands. “Along with our other OLED product families, NOMI provides a distinctive and affordable look for forward-thinking designers.”