A Leaner Bridgelux Showcases Products and Collaborates on Street Lighting

After the company’s ten year anniversary in December and the
appointments of both a new CEO and chairman, Bridgelux has taken
steps to be a leaner  and likely stronger company. According to
our sources, Bridgelux of Livermore, California USA, apparently laid
off about 50 employees before heading into the Strategies in Light
conference. There has been no official word from the company yet
about the layoffs.

At the conference the company displayed its product and LED design
for future intelligent lighting systems. Aaron Merrill, Director of
Marketing, will address the value of enhanced LED packaging as a
platform for future intelligent lighting systems In addition to
exhibiting, Bridgelux Director of Marketing, Aaron Merrill, is
leading a session on “Simplified Connectivity and Higher Flux
Density LED Packages” during the LED & Lighting Technology Track
on February 14 at 9:30 a.m. at the conference.

In other Bridgelux news, the Bay Area Climate Collaborative (BACC)
and Bridgelux, Inc., announced a collaboration to accelerate the
market for advanced streetlighting technologies through the Bay Area
Next Generation Streetlight Initiative, a region-wide project to
upgrade 200,000+ municipal streetlights to next generation of LED
technology. The BACC in partnership with the nationally-recognized
UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), is reportedly
providing education, tools and guidance through the Bay Area Next
Generation Streetlight Initiative, to accelerate the move to next
generation streetlighting. Bridgelux’s sponsorship of the Initiative
will support outreach to Bay Area municipalities on the LED lighting

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