Cannabis Pharm Orders Heliospectra LED Grow Lights and HelioCORE Light Control Software

Heliospectra AB, a Swedish-based producer of intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, reported a new order from Danish company Cannabis Pharm. The company is setting  up a new high-tech production facility in Randers, Denmark. Heliospectra says Cannabis Pharm chose its ELIXIA LED lighting solutions and HelioCORE™ light control software to fully automate their lighting environment and deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical products.  The order value is SEK 1.4 million (USD $ 154,000).

The new Randers, Denmark facility, which is under construction, will feature a high-density vertical cultivation system. The cultivation team at Cannabis Pharm has partnered with Heliospectra and their Canadian partner Montel. They have combined centralized LED light management and mobile racks, for a growth solution that can optimize plant quality and maximize production and business performance.

Benefits of Heliospectra’s ELIXIA LED Grow Lights

Heliospectra says that the ELIXIA LED grow light creates clear business benefits for cultivation teams and researchers. Cannabis Pharm will couple the fully adjustable LED lighting solution with Heliospectra’s HelioCORE™ light control software, to ensure that indoor crops receive perfect light all year. HelioCORE allows growers to customize lighting schedules with real-time monitoring across the plant growth cycle with advanced controls and flexible light intensities. Heliospectra says that its integrated solution improves the quality of plants and speeds up harvest and production cycles while delivering consistent and standardized returns.

“Production of highest-quality crops and the ability to control medicinal profiles is of utmost importance when supplying patients with pharmaceutical-grade, safe products. We believe full control, automation and the ability to standardize harvest results is key to reach these goals. Further, a flexible lighting solution allows us to continue to optimize and conduct research to further strengthen our product portfolio and understanding of this versatile crop”, said Morten Nøhr  Mortensen, CEO and owner of Cannabis Pharm.

“Denmark is quickly becoming one of Europe’s biggest medical cannabis producers. As the European market continues to expand the medical cannabis industry, standardized, high-quality products are key to success,” Ali Ahmadian, CEO Heliospectra said.

Different Growth Stages Require Different Settings

“During its’ life cycle, the cannabis plant goes through several different growth stages, all with different requirements on environmental factors such as light levels and spectrum. Our intelligent ELIXIA LED grow light solution and helioCORE control software provide growers with the ability to automatically adjust the light with respect to the plants’ needs, as well as the environmental prerequisites, thereby optimizing the growing condition for the crop and increases the energy efficiency of the growth,” Ahmadian, added.

“The quick legislation around the world has created a drive for expertise within the field. We’re excited to work together with Cannabis Pharm to increase awareness and expand the knowledge within the industry,” he continued.

Heliospectra plans to deliver its grow light system and lighting control software during the first quarter of 2019.