Deco Lighting and Daintree Networks Provide Wireless-Enabled LED Fixtures

Deco Lighting, a maker of energy-efficient lighting, is working with Daintree Networks, Inc., an expert in providing solutions for smart buildings, to create a cost-effective, fully-integrated LED Troffer solution. The troffer solution employs a wireless-enabled LED driver to be used with Deco LED fixtures. Deco Lighting developed the Deco Watt Controls™ Zigbee LED Driver that combines an LED driver and a Zigbee-enabled wireless LED module into one device.

Daintree Networks Connected Driver

Daintree Networks Connected Driver

The company hopes that the driver will simplify LED lighting controls and reduce the cost of LED fixtures while and helping to speed the adoption of wirelessly controlled networks in commercial and industrial buildings. The Watt Controls™ driver essentially eliminates the need for an isolated LED module, thereby lowering the overall cost of the LED fixture. The new driver provides wireless control and real-time data communication.

“Our collaboration with Deco Lighting addresses the changing environment and requests from customers for integrated, out-of-the-box wireless control solutions to help them meet their energy efficiency goals,” said Danny Yu, CEO of Daintree Networks. “By working with valued partners like Deco Lighting, Daintree Networks is delivering on the promise of open standards to provide increased value to building owners, operators, and occupants.”

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“At Deco Lighting, we are adamantly committed to delivering intelligence to the entire building envelope, and we’re excited about instituting the Enterprise Internet of Things with our smart lighting products,” said Deco Lighting President, Ben Pouladian. “We do not see light as a binary function device anymore, but as a node for data communication that can help facility managers and building owners learn more about their energy usage.”